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Fitness & Freshness

Being locked down to the couch for the past week (albeit with some NYE celebrations) has put be behind the curve a bit. There’s a nifty little tool on Strava called fitness and freshness. It basically looks at your workouts…Read more

Out for the count

Well I should have seen it coming. After a week and a half of solid training I’m down and out for the count. This is no surprise really. It happens to me every time I go from lazy to crazy.…Read more

Book Recommendation: The Time Crunched Cyclist

As I was flying home from Australia back to California I decided to pick up a book that was aimed at understanding nutrition and training at high intensities. I stumbled across a new edition that has surfaced called “The Time…Read more

First Two Down

My training program has begun! With my FTP test done and dusted and coming in at 259watts it was time to get going on my training plan that I had purchased. To be honest it is going really well so…Read more

The Gear is Here

The kickr arrived and is all set up! Believe it or not this is my 3rd kickr. I had a kickr core that was faulty. I traded that in for a 2018 Kickr. My apartment at the time wasn’t well…Read more

A Bit About Me

So who am I? Born in 1985 I grew up on the east coast of Australia. Cycling there isn’t as big as it is world wide, however like many cycling communities there are some strong diehard pockets of avid cyclists.…Read more

My Setup

So I’ve mentioned my goal however I haven’t really established how I’m going to get there and how I will use this blog to assist. The fitness goal really will be achieved through cycling. I’ve always been on two wheels…Read more

My Promise

This site pretty much exists as a new years resolution. A new years resolution to get fit again. This blog is going to be my crutch. My sole purpose is to create this for me. I figure the more content…Read more

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