Training is back on track!

So into week 3 on my training plan now and it’s in full swing. My training load graph is looking pretty healthy and nice level of fitness is growing. The plan I am on is a base fitness builder, so the load is not exactly insane. But it looks to be the progression I had been hoping for!

Although I have been primarily training indoors I do prioritize those rides that come up with friends, even if it means kicking something off the training plan. I went on a great ride with a friend which blew out the TSS a bit, but welcome to check it out below.

Total distance: 105497 m
Max elevation: 648 m
Min elevation: 7 m
Total climbing: 1648 m
Total descent: -1620 m
Average speed: 7.64 m/s
Average cadence: NAN
Average heart rate: NAN
Average temperature: NAN
Total time: 05:05:42

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