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Being locked down to the couch for the past week (albeit with some NYE celebrations) has put be behind the curve a bit. There’s a nifty little tool on Strava called fitness and freshness. It basically looks at your workouts in a given time period and then calculates the training stress vs recovery time period with some sort of algorithm. This allows users to see if they’re overtraining or if they’re fresh for an event or more load.

Whilst nothing can really compare to the signal your body gives off to you to say if you’re feeling fresh or not, but the graph can show an incremental build up of fitness and indicating if you have given yourself enough time to then layer more training to confirm potentially how you’re feeling. It’s also good to see that training effect is best applied when the freshness doesn’t dip below a certain level. In the book “The Time Crunched Cyclist” he goes into how to use these graphs to monitor the ranges of fatigue and form so they don’t dip or rise above certain levels. It’s a good read and although I’m not using his plans just yet (similar ones though) I do think the training information is fantastic. Mainly why I bought the book in the first place.

My “All Time” Fitness & Freshness Graph

Above you can see my fitness & freshness graph of all time. Obviously I’m starting from scratch with a measly point of 15. Dropping a point since I got sick :/ I’ll keep posting updates on this graph as I progress through the plan. Anyhow, next Monday I start the plan off again. FTP 259w still. Fingers crossed I don’t get sick again.

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