Out for the count

Well I should have seen it coming. After a week and a half of solid training I’m down and out for the count. This is no surprise really. It happens to me every time I go from lazy to crazy.

It’s pretty unfortunate also because I have been on the couch for the past 4 days with what feels like an infected throat instead of continuing the training program. I’ve missed now three steps out of the program and I think I will restart since I was only in week one.

Luckily I work for a fitness company so I asked a coworker about how they usually train and how they factor in nutrition. We got talking about supplements and how they’re generally full of bad stuff the body doesn’t need. He put me onto this website https://labdoor.com/ which examines contents of supplements. A few of the ones on there I was using came into the red, of which I’m going to avoid in the future.

Needless to say I think in the future I’m going to keep it as natural as I can, as clean eating as I can and well nourished. Sometimes however with city life it is a bit challenging to regularly source the nutrients. So as to avoid my body taking a massive crash each time I ramp up my training I opted to use https://labdoor.com/ and look at a daily multivitamin to use. I’ve purchase this one and will see if my body tanks again.

Getting sick is being human. It happens. I just haven’t been this sick in close to 2 years now, it goes hand in hand with previous timings of me ramping up my training.

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