First Two Down

My training program has begun! With my FTP test done and dusted and coming in at 259watts it was time to get going on my training plan that I had purchased. To be honest it is going really well so far. The plan is well structured, is reasonable and mentally not too taxing. I am sure it will ramp up in difficulty and stress but so far it all seems manageable.

Today is Christmas day and luckily they have a rest day planned for me. Which is very convenient. But it has recommendations on what to do on rest days, and how to best fuel for the days ahead.

As you can see from the chart above TrainingPeaks does an excellent job of pairing up workouts that get imported after I save in Zwift to what the workout for the day was. With ERGMode I can see that the TSS is exactly on parr, so the workouts that are prescribed are doing the job just right. As for the next days I think this will be done after work time, around 6pm or so. So far I’ve had the luxury of working from home or having the holiday season to get into some riding at home. But let’s see how work interrupts the schedule.

Here’s to a fit and healthy 2020!

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