Book Recommendation: The Time Crunched Cyclist

As I was flying home from Australia back to California I decided to pick up a book that was aimed at understanding nutrition and training at high intensities. I stumbled across a new edition that has surfaced called “The Time Crunched Cyclist” (

The book is really well written and describes just exactly what is going on with the old traditional model of training vs high intensity training. It delves into explanations of what the body is doing with proteins and when vs under what load.

The book itself presents some training programs that the book centers around. I however won’t be undertaking these training programs for now. However moreso picked up the book to better understand what is going on and how best to fuel myself for the stress ahead.

Anyhow, figured if you’re interested in a good entertaining read that is pretty indepth with nutritional and sports science pick it up!

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