The Gear is Here

The kickr arrived and is all set up! Believe it or not this is my 3rd kickr. I had a kickr core that was faulty. I traded that in for a 2018 Kickr. My apartment at the time wasn’t well set up for training as I was up on the 2nd floor and neighbors below would have hated the vibrations. Now moving to a new apartment being on the ground floor it’s perfect for training inside. So now I have my third 2018 Kickr after selling my previous one.

My Canyon Ultimate is now set up and my Zwift membership now renewed! I’ve already pushed through 80km on Zwift and have done my FTP test. FTP test was hard, but not vomit hard. I just don’t have the power in my legs. Overall fitness has dropped. When I was at my peak 5 years ago my FTP was 305watts, weighing in at 64kg. My FTP came in this time at 259watts. Quite a substantial drop but not to be unexpected given the fact I’ve been a couch potato!

This is the results of my FTP test. You can see the heart rate ramped up really quickly in the FTP block of 20mins. I held around 183bpm with my max heart rate of 193 not being hit but close at max of 191bpm. This brought my FTP to 259watts. Weighing 66.7kg this puts me at 3.88 watts per kilos.

My Training Plan

So why the FTP test? Well I’m about to get going on a training plan that I purchased on training peaks. It’s from optimum cycling. It’s a base fitness training plan. I’m hoping to shed a bit of fat from the belly even though I’m already slim, but I really want to kick start my metabolism, get in the base fitness so I can transition to FTP building workouts subsequently. My training plan is here: 10 Week Fitness Builder / Base Build

This kicks off in 2 days and I’m hoping to follow it almost religiously. The coach seems very approachable, even though I’m not paying for coaching, they have offered for me to reach out with any questions. One question I already had was what cadence range to use. I wanted a plan with a set it and forget it setup. Meaning I can load up the workout in training peaks into my calendar, then integrate training peaks with Zwift, on the day Zwift will automatically pick up the workout and I can just click start workout and get it going.

The plan supports structured workouts. Which will allow ergmode to take over and any recommendations around cadence. Not a lot of the steps have cadence so I emailed the coach and asked what to do with these steps. Basically riding at tempo, which for me usually is around 90 – 95rpm and holding it at that.

One thing I might buy is a smart power plug so that I can turn on the fan remotely when I want to. The apartment is generally cold at this point in time and having a fan on before I work out is a bit too cold. Might be a luxury but whatever makes the uncomfortable comfortable is ideal.

So in 2 days. Let the games begin!

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