My Setup

So I’ve mentioned my goal however I haven’t really established how I’m going to get there and how I will use this blog to assist. The fitness goal really will be achieved through cycling. I’ve always been on two wheels and have raced from time to time, albeit not very successful. I however have really enjoyed the success cycling has given me outside of the bike. The clear mind and dedication to a goal has really helped other aspects of my life.

So with all that said here is my hardware setup. In the next post I’ll talk about the training plan I’ve signed up to.

The gear

What does that all mean?

So that’s a bit of gear I’ll admit haha. But what this gives me is a setup in front of the tv. I’m directly plugged into the trainer so it’s much more accurate vs the wheel slips on a traditional turbo trainer. The pioneer power meters also measures my leg stretch and efficiency per side.

Heart rate monitor is what I had with the edge 520 bundle. Unfortunately that is ant+ and won’t get picked up by the Apple TV. This is where the cable unit comes into play. I understand the Apple TV will only pick up two Bluetooth devices. So there goes my power meters heart rate and cadence sensors from the power meters. I will use the cable dongle to link all the devices together in a pretty package and send them to the Apple TV for zwift. I am a bit worried about latency with this added hop but will try it out.

The edge 520 is purely there to have all the stats in front of me while my head is down and in front of me. Plus I like a bit of data redundancy in the event zwift fails to save my data.

The Apps

Zwift is for the experience. It allows me to watch other riders and chase down points on the map while I’m in a workout. It comes up with these arches along the toad to help track down the end of the workout. Helpful to push to the end. So I load my workout and get it done in zwift.

TrainingPeaks actually has the workout data that I use. It’s in a calendar and syncs into zwift. This allows me to find a training plan that works for what I want and then import and execute it into zwift. They’re not cheap to purchase but they are high quality and with a ton more options than zwift. I have the free TrainingPeaks plan as I only use it to buy and manage plans with.

Strava is the next and last item on the list. I use this to analyze my workout and also share with friends. This allows me to see how my ftp is progressing automatically as well as check my fitness vs freshness graphs.

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